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Simple tips to enhance outdoor photos

Keystone-Heights-real-estate-photography-1The cover photo on a listing is usually the most important photo because it peaks the potential buyers interest and gets them to continue looking through the rest of the photos.  Often times the cover photo is an exterior shot of the home.  Here are a few affordable ideas that can be done to help make that exterior cover photo really pop and get more buyers interested in your listing!

Add a small container garden

If your listing has a porch try adding a small container garden with brightly colored flowers.  This is an easy way to add colorful curb appeal and is simple to put together.  Stop by your local garden center and grab a few containers of varying sizes, some of your favorite plants, and a couple bags of potting soil and you are all set!

Spruce up the mailbox

Most people tend to overlook the mailbox when thinking about ways to add more color or curb appeal to their property.  Adding a few flowers around the mailbox is a quick and easy way to incorporate some more color without a lot of work.  Some simple low maintenance flowers that can be added are marigolds, petunias, or zinnias.

Paint the front door

The front door is often a neutral color that doesn’t draw much attention to it.  Adding a color that accents the house can make a big statement with a small amount of work.  Check your local hardware stores to see if they have any paint containers on clearance.  This is a great way to get a color pop without spending too much.

Add outdoor furniture

If your new listing has a large front porch that doesn’t have anything on it, consider putting a few pieces of outdoor furniture on it.  This will help add charm to the front of the house.  Sometimes you can find cheap outdoor furniture at thrift shops that can easily be spruced up with a little bit of paint.  Also add a brightly colored throw pillow and that will help draw attention to the home even more.  If there is a table on the front porch, consider adding a small container with flowers in it there too.

Small and simple final touches

Don’t forget those final details that can make a world of difference.  Adding a wreath to the front door can be very welcoming.  Possibly paint the shutters to give them a refreshed look.  Mix in a few colorful flowers into flower beds that are already there to help the front of the home pop a bit more.

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for easy way to enhance the curb appeal of your new listing.  Keep in mind that all of these ideas are just suggestions.  If your listing is in a neighborhood with a home owners association be sure to check with them regarding any rules or regulations about making any changes to the exterior of the home.

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